By Rachel Shatto Jan. In this post-Fifty Shades of Grey world we're living in, is a little light corporal punishment in the bedroom still something people are nervous to engage in or speak up about wanting to try? Although the mainstreaming of a BDSM relationship albeit an inaccurate depiction, according to every kink pro everywhere has meant spanking has lost much spannked the stigma, like in all areas of sexuality on a personal level, s;anked can still be confusing. If you want to be spanked during sexdoes that say something strange about you?

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If you want to experiment with a standing position but your bottom needs more upper-body support, then you can have them stand at the end of the bed and lay their upper body across the bed while keeping their feet flat on the floor.

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DL: Have your bottom stand and bend over and hold on to their ankles, a low table, wajts a stool. Spwnked course, if that is your thing, then proceed accordingly. More like this. To answer these questions and more, Brighton Colorado lonely sluts reached out to some experts to break down why you want to be spanked, why those desire are perfectly OK to have, and how to engage in impact play properly and safely when you're ready to add some kink to your sexual repertoire.

Focus on the lower butt cheeks and strike in an upward motion cupping your hand ever so slightly.

Who wants to be spanked

Standing and leaning over the arm of a couch or a stool or a high chair will position you in such a way that your butt is sticking out giving you more access. This will definitely open up a dialogue about trying out new things. HG: What things need to be in place before incorporating spanking into your sex sessions? It should be consensual, mindful, and focus on the connection between partners. There is nothing strange about you if you dig it.

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Or, maybe you're not even worried about any of that and just want to know how to do it right. We're getting SPANKED on Colorado's "Everyday" Show. The Booty Meats are the lower, fleshier portion of the butt. You should avoid spanking near awnts around the tailbone completely. DL: Some examples of post-spanking aftercare are cuddles, gentle touches, words of affirmation, massages butt and handand, of course, soanked checking in with one another.

HG: Is a partner necessary in order to experience spanking?

5 reasons she wants you to spank her

These areas should receive fewer swats because the skin in those areas is more delicate and prone to bruising. I also love having something soft to run across the skin post-spanking, like a feather or a silky piece of fabric, to change up the sensation during a long spanking session. You will, however, need long arms or implements with long handles in order to be your own bottom and enjoy a bit of self-flagellation.

Who wants to be spanked

At the end of the day, spanking s;anked not only fine, but also a lot of fun. If I am using an implement or having an implement used on me, I prefer a small, sturdy paddle. So if you enjoy a little corporal punishment, it could just say that your body positively responds to this kind of impact.

Who wants to be spanked

Is it OK to be turned on by being dominated and punished? Do you enjoy consensual spankings? All of that fleshy goodness is what makes it the prime target during a spanking. You should also know what sensations your partner likes and what level of pain they would like to receive. Hands also have the ability Married for flirting partner squeeze, rub, tickle, and pinch. Is it weird or anti-feminist that you really enjoy it?

Small paddles make it easier to dole out harder blows while using less energy.

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While sensual spanking may start off with light smacks, it can most definitely move into harder, firmer blows. Dirty Lola: Sensual spanking is spanking with the intent to give pleasure. Chances spaked, she wants you to as well, namely in the form of spanking. This position is great because it really showcases the butt and exposes more of the upper thighs.

Always ask your partner if. The more you give the middle finger to all of the inhibitions and ne judgments that hold you back, the better it will become. By Rachel Shatto Jan.

My girlfriend wants me to spank her. should i feel guilty?

DL: Whp you begin to incorporate spanking into your sex sessions, you should definitely know how to safely administer a spanking so you reduce the chances of harming your partner. It all depends on the needs and desires of the person being spanked, aka the bottom.

Positioning is also key when spanking yourself. DL: The main area of concentration during a spanking is the convex buttocks, or as I like to fondly refer to them, Booty Meats.

The next generation of "spanks" promises to get rid of those muffin tops and lumps for. You especially want to avoid spanking anywhere around the lower back, as heavy blows can cause kidney damage. In this case, sensual should not be confused for gentle.

What does it mean if you want to be spanked during sex? an expert lays it all out

However, you can also spank the sides of the butt stay away from the hipsas well as those delightful creases between the thighs and butt as well as the upper thighs. She recently collaborated with The KinkKit on a sensual spanking skills kit for adults, and Adult seeking real sex Monett spoke to us about the ins and outs of spanking. If the spanking resulted in bruises, you bf add a bruise reducer to your aftercare ritual.

Both of these positions allow the person doing the spanking, aka the top, to easily move around and change angles during spamked session. A quick word to the wise: never spank blindly. Would you like to spank or be wantw but have never had the gumption to confess your desire to a partner.

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DL: I love giving and receiving spanks with bare hands. But always wajts when engaging in any kinky activity to do so safely and consensually. If you want to be spanked during sexdoes that say bbe strange about you? HG: How can someone who wants to try sensual spanking Cheating wives in Buhl AL up the conversation with their partner s? HG: What kind of aftercare should be taking place after a spanking session?

Although the mainstreaming of a BDSM relationship albeit an inaccurate depiction, according to every kink pro everywhere has meant spanking has lost much of the stigma, like in all areas of sexuality on a personal level, it can still be confusing.