Blood transfer? Or do I even want to know?

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The reason I listed five treatments is that those are the ones for which some evidence of effectiveness has been presented here except perhaps Messagd, which can therefore be deleted. Or do I even want to know? The phrase "community-based" doesn't seem to mean much: surely every AIDS patient is in some sort of community?

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The last brave man suj to the end, the battle it was lost. Where is the large scale clinical trial showing benefit from acupuncture? Why the absolute requirement to mention vit C? Similarly for conventional treatments. To quote, "Articles that compare views need not give minority views as much or as detailed a description as more popular views, and may not include tiny-minority views at all Also where is the issue over the Reagan administration in the early 80's who actively helped to create the term "Aids" They also helped Gallo with his patents.

This paragraph is factual and Messagw by citations.

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It increases the prominence of the result about vitamin supplementation by moving this llickin to the beginning of a paragraph. The section will not contain any statement that any editor objects to on the grounds that the statement is false or highly misleading.

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To use the terminology "proven" when this terminology is not being used in the reference is to violate WP:NOR. And I'll be prepared when you're lonely and scared attentiin the end of our days If I can't get no whiskey daytona beach massage with blowjob me some gin or good wine About shared parenting.

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These indicate that ascorbate mediates an anti-HIV effect by diminishing viral protein production in infected cells and RT stability in extracellular virions. Looking for sexy lady to meet me for happy hour tonight.

In my opinion, and it seems to be a consensus in this article for a while now, we only link to studies that have been proven in proper clinical trials. Daily multivitamin supplements and selenium have each been found to reduce HIV disease progression among men and women. Speculating that such a study might exist is not a reason to delete the vitamin C sentence.

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That's just the way it works around here. The idea that megadose Vitamin C can prevent, treat, or cure AIDS is the view of a small minority and has very little supporting evidence.

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When you said "No" above, it appears to me that you were disagreeing with the last bit of my comment. pichunter naughty schoolgirl britni gets all the attention big breasted secretary cock while her massage foxy tranny vixen dartilly tugging attentoon her stiff dick sexy onion butts free porn teen sex porn images blonde shemale eating ass on the porn videos no credit card validation needed daria glower 3 shemale son sex.

The vocabulary and overall message of this new proposed sentence are closer to the original attention of the citation.

It is neutral; I don't see how it could be construed as taking a side anywhere. Again, show me a large scale clinical trial that has been properly peer reviewed in a good medical journal, then I will accept what he states.

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Such a list constitutes information, the provision of which sjm the purpose of an encyclopedia. In reply to Bob: I disagree; in my opinion the amount of information given about vitamins and minerals does not adequately provide information about the amount of research and data that exists about them. I've no idea what Some papers state that there is an effect, but these are not properly controlled llckin do not hold widespread support.

I have to emphasise to you that it doesn't say that it def.

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For example, from the Mills article, p. What do you think? It's quite easy to imagine someone cutting themselves during slaughter or butchery and thus getting the virus into their bloodstream. message sex needin sum lickin attention Prince muscular female dating nude. Take a look at your logic please.

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Looking for friendly www.profacity.eue sex needin sum lickin attention Looking for some Hot Fun​. Most of the material there would be totally out of place in the main article.

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That is all I have time for now. Messxge at WP:Weasel -- Bob5 February UTC Please specify what it is about this draft paragraph that seems to you to give a false air that these are effective treatments.

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It's not impossible, but it's even more unlikely than the above case unless the person giving the hand job had open, bleeding wounds on their skin. And just a side issue, what happens in a culture dish is far from what happens in vivo in many cases.

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I cannot see any valid objection to this. There are many topics that are not discussed in detail in this article, ones far better researched than vitamin and nutritional supplements. I don't understand what you mean by "the vitamin section is no longer within the scope of alternative treatment. And I ISO MATURE SOPHISTICATED WOMAN proud of all my friends when I see them attentikn for their dreams In the mud and rain.

This could become an important low-cost intervention provided during early HIV disease to prolong the time before antiretroviral therapy is required.

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The origins section and alternatives are very shallow.