Jump to The grim truth about life as hpstess Japanese hostess Well-paid, fun and pressure-free, working as a hostess in a Japanese bar sounded too good to be true. So it turned out Beside me a grey-haired Japanese man slides his hand on to my leg. I smile and move it away, reaching to light his cigarette and top up his glass of whisky.

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Instead of focusing on the hostesses, it would make more sense to examine the attitudes of the men who are willing to pay a high price for being entertained, served, and pleased by women with short skirts and heavy makeup.

But rather than reflecting changing attitudes, women are drawn to it for the same reason as before: the promise of a higher income. As a hostess I poured drinks, sang karaoke and tried to ignore the customers who invited me to hotel rooms after work.

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This is why the job can be very dangerous for the women, Japanese or foreign. So it turned out These were girls just like you and me — normal, educated and seemingly with everything going for them.

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Female hosts of television variety programs encourage men to treat them as sex objects. It is also a common occupation among undocumented immigrant women.

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The Japanese government, in theory at least, has endorsed the goal of hotess a gender-equal society based on respect for the human rights of women and men. But does hostessing bring women a rosy life and socioeconomic mobility? Like geishas, Tokyo hostesses are paid to smile and party with rich men. While pampering men at nightclubs during the s and s, many of them completely missed the chance to acquire skills such as using computers and the Internet as a way to land an office job.

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There are numerous cases of hostesses being stalked, assaulted, and sometimes even killed, by disgruntled customers who wanted more than the fantasy. Developing any meaningful social ties with the host country was almost nonexistent. I smile and move it away, reaching to light his cigarette and top up his glass of whisky.

The longer I stayed the more I drank and the more the hostessing world became normal. In between are various classes of cabarets, snack bars and karaoke clubs, with infinite variations catering to diverse tastes, including cross-dressed hosts and hostesses.

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But career development in this field is nearly impossible. Hostesses hoping to become No.

Clients are paying for spending time with attractive attendants, whose sexuality has been turned into a commodity. It felt strange having sexual relationships after spending so much time fending off men, and not uostess my boyfriends understood what hostessing meant.

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There are no specific statistics, but it is likely to attract those without a college education and with limited work opportunities. Any figures on salaries also need to take into the working hours, the lack of benefits, and the limited working life of any occupation based on youth and beauty. Beside me a grey-haired Japanese man slides his hand on to my leg.

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Inwhile covering the red-light district as a reporter, I spent an evening working at AI, the oldest host club in Tokyo. The longer I stayed the more I was pressured to get requests.

Despite and perhaps because of that, some of Ja;an young women realize that they are just out to enjoy a momentary glow. Japanese hostess clubs are a big part of the Japanese entertainment and night culture and are a. Hostessing is a very unusual job.

Only a small of hostesses in the most expensive bars would receive high salaries. My family and friends were worried about me going to Japan alone but my sister reassured them that hostessing was perfectly safe. Who are the women who work as hostesses?

Young women today fancy the celebrity lifestyle in hostessing characterized by tiaras, gowns, perfumes and fun. In the case of Filipino hostesses, many of them came to Japan with entertainer visas. They are assured that someone will listen hotess to their problems.

Today, Filipino hostesses are no longer hostfss to enter Japan on that visa for the suspicion that they engage in prostitution. The most famous case is that of Lucie Blackman, a young English woman.

Moreover, hostessing is not just about flirting and partying with clients. By then I was a different person.

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People who work all the time in Japan often don't have time for romantic relationships, but going to a host/hostess club provides that sense of emotional. … Structurally, hostesses are still confined within a niche of providing emotional labor, where they cheer men with their feminine demeanor and services. But similar attention has not been given concerning women, sexual minorities or foreigners.

Been to a few hostess bars (Japanese, Phillipine, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.) in my time and even with my beer goggles on, I saw enough average.