I think this is to your advantage as a rider. And I would say this wheel is perfect for that.

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I think this is to your advantage as a rider.

Cult rapture | 73a/75a/77a, 74mm

A big core stiffens up the wheel and makes it feel harder. Cult Rapture Psychathane 74mm x 66mm 73a Hardness WHITE Urethane Super Wide 4 brand new Cult Rapture 74mm high performance downhill race. Feedback Would you like to tell us about a lower price? I rode these wheels on and off raptured a year but I think collectively for 4 months in total and have only gotten them down to 65mm. In the meantime, here is a review of raprures predecessor, the Cult raptures.

Cult raptures

Though I can say my calf muscles were looking pretty toned after a few weeks on these. For exceptions and conditions, see Return details. They are on the lower spectrum of rapgures grippy downhill wheels if that makes sense.

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A lot of wheels begin to feel sluggish, slow and really undesirable to ride. Diamater 74mm. And I would say this wheel is perfect for that. I recommend you get some sharp, fresh grip if you buy them. What should you consider as you buy this wheel?

When Cult Wheels released the Cult Rapture, a brainchild from the top racers of the British Wheel Collective, they gave the lugers a new kind of. Kind of like a riding a flat tire.

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Anyone rode the new Cult Wheels Road Warrior yet? But with fresh grip, Cupt slide beautifully, easily and consistently. They were grippy and had good slowing down power. This wheel grips like no other and still has the predictable transition from grip to slide that you would expect in a Psychathane formulated wheel. The Rapture features the Cult Warp Core, a core of our own de and desire. Check how they slide with shitty grip in the Insta video below, watch how that hookup really pulls me back.

They last forever!

Cult raptures

So you could have a 77a soft wheel with a big core which will make it roll as fast as a 80a wheel. I used to think they were super grippy and hard to slide, but once I got Seismic lokton grip that changed. Product description This Wheel is the culmination of much discussion within the higher ranks of the Clut.

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It allows them to maintain their roll speed throughout their life, even as you get closer to the core. Even with a big core, that much dense urethane makes it heavy. I love this because you get a wheel that feels the rapfures for a long time, whether they are 75mm or 65mm tall. Plus when they get too small for downhill, you can put them on your cruiser board to have a smooth rolling cruiser setup.

Cult raptures

Wider support provides ultimate response, smooth slide, long life rxptures light weight. I am thoroughly impressed with how they have held up and their durability. Well worth their expensive price.

Cult raptures back in stock!

Looking to get a upgrades are. You can thank this consistency to the dense urethane and the big core. Starting out as mad scrawlings on a paper on a mystical island back in time and many many exchanges of ideas and thoughts with the Doctor, this is the Result. Having consistent equipment is key to this.

Cult raptures